Readers ask: How To Maintain Honda Activa Scooter?

What is the life of Honda Activa?

You can ride Honda Activa for 500 Kms or more without any problem.

How do you maintain scooter in good condition?

12 Tips to Maintain Bike in Good condition

  1. Regularly Check Tyres. It is important to check your bike tyres regularly – A thorough look at the condition of your bike and the air pressure.
  2. Check Engine Oil.
  3. Clean Air filter.
  4. Clutch Adjustment.
  5. Engine.
  6. Transmission System.
  7. Cleaning the surface.
  8. Maintain Battery.

How often should I service my Activa?

First service for Activa between 500-750Kms or 30Days whichever is earlier. After 1st service every 2500-3000kms service should be done. When your ODO clocks 3300 or 3500.

Which TYRE is best for Honda Activa?

Best Tyres for Honda Activa 3G, Honda Activa 4G, Honda Activa 5G

Tyre Brand Tyre Model Tyre Price
Michelin City Pro 1,350
Ceat Milaze 1,067
Ceat Zoom D 967
JK Challenger S63 1,210

Is there clutch in Activa?

It does not have a clutch /gear lever system to engage the gears like motorcycles. Honda Activa 125 has a CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) meaning it is an Automatic Transmission which does not require shifting of gears.

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Which scooter is best for long drive?

For long rides Honda Activa or Suzuki Access 125 or TVS Jupiter is suitable.

How often should you change oil in scooter?

Answer. You should change your scooters oil every 1500 to 2000 miles. The manufacturer will have their own recommendation on the frequency of oil changes, so it’s always a good idea to reference the owners manual.

How can I improve my bike mileage?

Following are the Tips to Increase Bike Mileage:

  1. Get Your Bike Serviced Regularly. Servicing your bike at the right intervals plays an important role in your bike’s mileage.
  2. Carburetor Settings.
  3. Tyre Pressure Check.
  4. Good Quality Fuel.
  5. Avoid Rash Riding.
  6. Ride in Economy.
  7. Use the Kill Switch.
  8. Avoid Parking in the Sunlight.

Can we use Activa for long drive?

Yes you can obviously take a long Ride in your activa 125. I myself have gone for long ride several time. You can ride it non stop upto 60 Kms. But keeping in mind its engine you should give it some rest ( 15 mins atleast)after 60 km ride.

Which engine oil is good for Activa?

castrol Power1 10W-50 4T 1 Litre Scooter Engine Oil- Honda Activa 3G.

What is done in servicing of Scooty?

8) A lot of parts like the brake shoes/pads, engine oil, air filter, oil filter, throttle/brake/clutch cables, chain and sprocket and wheel bearings, have relatively shorter life than others. Though these parts are replaced often, we recommend you check these parts yourself for wear before replacement.

How do you service a scooter?

14 Scooter Maintenance Tips for dummies

  1. Clean the Scooter Regularly, Begin your scooter maintenance.
  2. Check the Tire Pressure.
  3. Change the Riding Pad When Required.
  4. Take Good Care Of the Air Filter.
  5. Clean the Spark Plug.
  6. Check the Gaskets.
  7. Check and Clean the Carburetor.
  8. Check the Liquids.
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What is General Service in bike?

General Service includes air filter cleaning, oil filter cleaning, carburettor cleaning, clutch play adjustment, chain adjustment and lubrication, brake shoes cleaning and exterior foam wash.