Often asked: How To Get Auto Rickshaw Driving Licence?

Can LMV license drive tractor?

The Delhi High Court has reiterated that a licence issued to drive Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) includes authorization to drive transport vehicle (commercial vehicle), including a tractor, and what matters is that the gross vehicle weight or the unladen weight of the vehicle should not exceed 7,500 kg.

Which vehicles comes under LMV?

Driving License Categories in India

License Class Vehicle Type
LMV Light motor vehicles including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans
HMV Heavy Motor Vehicles
HGMV Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle
HPMV/HTV Heavy passenger motor vehicle/Heavy transport vehicle

How can I get auto rickshaw license in Bangalore?

Application Process for Driving License in Bengaluru, Karnataka

  1. To get a license, first, you need to take LLR from the RTO office.
  2. Visit your nearest RTO to collect your application form or directly apply through a motor driving school.
  3. You may also download and print the application form from the website.

What is difference between LMV and LMV NT?

Light Motor Vehicle – Non Transport ( LMV – NT ) is a licence category in India. LMV licence is used to drive light motor vehicles such as cars, jeeps, small vans for personal purposes, but not for commercial transportation.

How heavy a vehicle can I drive on a car Licence?

You can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg MAM with up to eight passenger seats. You can also tow a trailer of up to 750kg. You can tow heavier trailers, but the total mass mustn’t be more than 3,500kg.

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What is LMV in driving license?

Driving licence categories LMV -TR (Light Motor Vehicle—Transport) — for commercial transportation including light goods carrier.

Can I drive Activa at the age of 16?

Can we drive Activa on the road at the age of 16 after getting an learner’s license? No. An activa is a 110 or 125 cc scooter. The learners license issued – if issued – at age of 16 is only for motorcycles without gear with engine below 50 cc.

What is the meaning of LMV NT?

LMV – NT. Vehicles like jeep and motor cars fall under the Light Motor Vehicle Category but these are of non-transport class. FVG. Vehicles without gears fall under this category like scooters and mopeds. MC EX50CC.