FAQ: How To Get Auto Rickshaw In Gta San Andreas?

How do you get laid in GTA San Andreas?


  1. Get a prostitute, get girlfriend relationship to 100%.
  2. Just go to a prostitute. (
  3. Get a car and drive in front of a prostitute when they stop and look at your car just wait and then they’ll say you want to have a good time honey.
  4. Not every girl just oncs on the streets and girlfriends.
  5. 1. Get a car.

Where can I find CJ’s girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

CJ’s girlfriends in GTA San Andreas

  1. 1) Denise Robinson: Met during Burning Desire.
  2. 2) Millie Perkins: Met during Key to Her Heart.
  3. 3) Helena Wankstein: Found target practising next to the Ammu-Nation store in Blueberry, Red County.
  4. 4) Katie Zhan: Found at the golf course near the Cobra Marital Arts Gym in Garcia.

Can you get a girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are six possible girlfriends Carl Johnson can date, with two of them, Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins, becoming girlfriends through the storyline.

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How do you unlock everything in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas PC Cheat Codes

  1. HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car.
  2. BAGUVIX – (Semi)Infinite Health.
  3. CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen.
  4. LXGIWYL – Weapon Set 1.
  5. PROFESSIONALSKIT – Weapon Set 2.
  6. UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3.
  7. STICKLIKEGLUE – Perfect Vehicle Handling.
  8. ANOSEONGLASS – Adrenaline Mode.

Are there prostitutes in GTA San Andreas?

In GTA San Andreas, the black San Fierro prostitute somewhat resembles Jamaican singer Grace Jones, while the white Las Venturas prostitute is said to resemble the singer Madonna. In GTA San Andreas, there was a cut elderly prostitute who wore a pink v-cut vest, leopard print shorts, pink heels, and smoked a cigar.

How do you say yes in GTA San Andreas?

You press Y to respond positively, let her in, take her somewhere nice and secluded, then *bleep* her hard.

Is Franklin CJ’s son?

CJ is Franklin’s dad. Franklin is CJ’s son. Who is Franklin’s mom? Denise Robinson GTA San Andreas.

How can I date a girl in GTA San Andreas?

Method 2 of 7: Dating Denise

  1. Play the Burning Desire quest.
  2. Wait for the right time to visit.
  3. Find Denise.
  4. Know Denise’s driving preferences.
  5. Take Denise to one of her favorite restaurants.
  6. Go dancing with Denise.
  7. Indulge Denise’s alternative date.
  8. Increase Denise’s progress bar.

How do I get a girlfriend?

How To Get A Girlfriend Part 1. Meeting Girls

  1. Stop trying to get a girlfriend. The first step to getting a girlfriend is to stop trying.
  2. Make her notice you.
  3. Get ready to approach her.
  4. Approach her with confidence.
  5. Give her a genuine compliment.
  6. Tease her.
  7. Focus on her for conversation.
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How do you kiss in GTA San Andreas?

Press TAB to kiss – GTA San Andreas – GTAForums.

How can I impress Katie in GTA San Andreas?

She can initially be found at the northeast corner of Avispa Country Club at the south end of the city, practicing martial arts behind some bushes. She can be seen easily from the road. Katie likes men with sex appeal and muscle, so bulk up before asking her out.

Which is the fastest bike in GTA San Andreas?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Since the NRG-500 is a racing bike, the vehicle is by far one of the best motorcycle available in GTA San Andreas, with the best top speed, acceleration, cornering and braking within its class.

What is the cheat to increase driving skill in GTA San Andreas?

Go to San Fierro and pass the tests at the driving school. Additionally, find a tractor or a slow moving car. Drive the roads without going as fast as you can (move slowly). This will take awhile, but will increase your driving skills.

Is there any cheat to skip a mission in GTA San Andreas?

There isn’t a code to skip missions in GTA San Andreas on any platform. You can use Trip Skip but that only appears after you have failed a mission. This allows you to start the mission at different check points. Something like this is only achievable through the use of mods.